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Entertaining Motivational Speaker

Motivating Employees and Boosting Morale

Entertaining Motivational Speaker
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Watch Desi in Action
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Speaker, Trainer, Award-winning Entertainer, Stress Buster

Desi loves to motivate employees by helping them adjust their attitudes to create a positive work environment. Desi has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, patient advocate, customer service and leadership trainer, and award-winning entertainer. She is also an international speaker with the John Maxwell Team. She is known as “The Attitude Adjuster” and helps employees reduce negativity and stress in the workplace. She is the author of Do You Work with the Living Dead?

Desi's Clients Include...

Mercy One Client Illinois Fire Department Client Horn Memorial Hospital Client Kinseth Client CMA Costa Rica ClientMBK Senior Living ClientLCS LogoSouth Ottumwa Savings Bank ClientOttawa Leadership Academy Community First Credit Union Leadership NowIndian Hills Community CenterDavis County Hospital US Job Corp

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What Does Your Attitude Indicator Say

By Desi Payne - Super Blogger - Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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A friend of mine, John Holmes, is an American Airlines pilot. He tells me that airplanes have “an attitude.” The “attitude indicator” on the control panel of an aircraft is the most vital instrument for a pilot. The attitude indicator is circular with the top half blue, which represents the sky, and the bottom half is brown, which represents the ground. There is a line in the middle, which is the artificial horizon, representing the real horizon. ...Read More